Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Many car buyers use the internet to save time and money.  They research vehicles, search inventories, value their trade on-line and apply for financing, all from the comfort of their computer.  For those with questions about financing on-line you can contact us by phone or e-mail, or we have provided answers to some of the most common questions.

How do I apply for a loan?
Simply provide the required information by completing our on-line credit application.

What if I do not want to submit my information on-line?
You can print out our manual application by clicking HERE.  Print it out, together with copies of our privacy notice.  Complete the application and be sure to sign it.  Please fax it to (802) 479-0845 or better yet drop it by the store.

Which is better Zero (0%) percent or conventional rates and a rebate?

You can use our Payment Calculator  to figure the difference in your monthly payment by calculating your loan at 0%, then you can calculate your payment using a conventional rate (be sure to deduct any additional rebate you may qualify for not electing to take 0% or the low rate offered.)  There is no clear cut answer.  Sometimes financing a lower amount at a conventional rate will result in a lower payment than low rate financing, if getting the lower rate required you to give up a rebate.  In these cases, there is no question, go with the lower payment using conventional rates.  If you get a lower payment with the zero percent offers, ask yourself how often you trade?  If zero percent saves you only a couple dollars a month and you plan on trading early on in your loan, zero percent can leave you owing more when you pay the loan off early.  Questions, give us a call, we would be happy to review all your options.

Do you make vehicle loans to businesses?
Yes, we offer auto loans for businesses.  We are unable to process these applications on-line at this time.  Please complete a manual application by clicking HERE
.  Once you print it out and complete it, please fax it to (603) 822-0361 or better yet drop it by the store.

Is there a way I can trade in my car if I owe more than it is worth?
Yes, but the money you still owe (negative equity) must still be paid.  Example: you owe $12k on a car and it is only worth $10k, the $2k difference must be paid. In some cases, rebates or down payments will cover some or all of this negative equity.  Also, in some cases dealer financing will allow you to roll the negative equity into the new payment as long as the loan to value (LTV) does not exceed a certain percentage.


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    • Sales: (802) 461-4928
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