Car Detailing & Reconditioning in Barre, VT

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape is important for many reasons, such as helping maintain the vehicle's value and keeping your vehicle in like-new condition. At Midstate Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram, we provide a multitude of services that help you maintain your vehicle's interior and exterior. Available detailing and vehicle reconditioning services include:

  • Automotive detailing
  • Seat burn repair
  • Headlamp restoration
  • Windshield repairs 

To find out more about pricing and exactly what each vehicle detail service includes, take a look at the services descriptions below. Schedule your appointment today or give the team at our dealership in Barre, VT a call at (802) 461-4928 to speak to a team member directly. If you have any questions about the detailing and reconditioning services we offer, contact us using our online form.

Keeping your vehicle's interior and exterior in top condition helps maintain its future value.  Call us toll free at (802) 461-4928 to schedule an appointment to maintain or improve your car, truck or SUV's appearance.



Headlamp Restoration        |    Seat Burns        |    Windshield Repairs

*Extra work required for pet hair or excessive cleaning will be billed at $35.00 per hour, with advance notice, prior to work being started.

Schedule your appointment on-line now and get back the better part of that new car look again!

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